Who We Are

FLSAM is an organization of math competitors across the state of Florida who come together to focus on higher-level mathematics and train for contests. FLSAM has been active since 2003; it is currently incorporated and registered as a 501(c)(3). Check for more info here!

What We Do

FLSAM sends representative teams to national math tournaments, which include ARML, CMIMC, PUMaC, and HMMT. Throughout the school year, we hold a series of meetings across the state dedicated to learning and practicing mathematics.

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Most of our announcements about meetings, tryouts, elections, competitions, and other events are on our discord.

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January 2023

FLOMO has concluded! Results at discord.

August 2022

Our new officers have been announced at our discord.

Founded in 2003, the Florida Student Association of Mathematics (FLSAM) serves to organize teams that will represent the state of Florida in various mathematics competitions at the state, regional, and national levels.

We select students from across the state to join teams and compete in prestigious out-of-state mathematical competitions such as the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, the Princeton University Math Competition, and the American Regional Math League. We also have written and hosted our own contests in the past including the Florida Math Challenge, the FLSAM Spooky Halloween Contest, and the FLSAM Winter Contest. FLSAM strives to build a culture of opportunity for mathematically talented students and expand the mathematical involvement of students beyond that of what is typically offered to high-schoolers.

Since 2015, FLSAM has been incorporated with the state of Florida and registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the IRS. Please contact us at flsamflorida@gmail.com if you are interested in supporting FLSAM.

FLSAM is divided into regions equivalent to those of the Florida Association of Mu Alpha Theta to maximize the competitive spirit of its members. We encourage all those who are enthusiastic and passionate about mathematics to join!