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2023 PUMaC

Congratulations to the one Florida team who competed at PUMaC! Here's how they did:

Team Awards (Division A)

  • Overall: Florida A placed 14th
  • Power round: Florida A placed 16th
Individual Awards (Division A)
  • Overall Individual: Aaron Hu - 4th place
  • Algebra: Aaron Hu - 1st place, William Li - 24th place
  • Geometry: Aaron Hu - 3rd place
  • Number Theory: Rui Jiang - 25th place
2023 CMIMC

Congratulations to the three teams that competed at CMIMC! Here's how they did:

Team Awards

  • Overall: Florida A: 3rd, Florida B: 25th, Florida C: 40th
  • TCS: Florda A: 14th, Florida B: 47th, Florida C: 55th
  • Team Round: Florida A: 5th, Florida B: 27th place, Florida C: 40th Place
Individual Awards
  • Overall Individual: Karthik Vedula - 5th place, Aaron Hu - 12th place, Kevin Liu - 16th place
  • Algebra/NT: Kevin Liu - 11th place, Aaron Hu - 13th place, Karthik Vedula - 15th place, Tom Zhang - 39th place
  • Geometry: Karthik Vedula - 2nd place, Aaron Hu - 29th place, Yuhan Niu - 40th place, Alexander Li - 48th place, Aaryan Vaishya - 49th place
  • Combinatorics: Kevin Liu - 19th place, Aaron Hu - 23th place, Karthik Vedula - 34th place
2023 HMMT

Congratulations to the one team that competed at HMMT! Here's how they did:

Team Awards

  • Sweepstakes: 10th place
  • Guts: 4th place
  • Team Round: 16th place
Individual Awards
  • Overall Individual: Jessica Wan - 4th place, Alex Li - 17th place, Karthik Vedula - 33rd place
  • Algebra/NT: Karthik Vedula - 1st place, Jessica Wan - 4th place, Aaron Hu - 49th place
  • Geometry: Alex Li - 27th place
  • Combinatorics: Jessica Wan - 2nd place, Alex Li - 5th place
2022 ARML

Two Florida Alligator teams competed offsite at the 2022 ARML! Some of their results included:

Team Awards (Division A)

  • Overall: Florida A placed 4th
  • Overall: Florida B placed 13th
Individual Awards (Division A)
  • Kevin Liu placed 3rd winning a $1000 prize!
  • Albert Wang placed 8th winning a $500 prize!
2021 PUMaC

Congratulations to the two Florida teams who competed at PUMaC! Here's how they did:

Team Awards (Division A)

  • Overall: Florida A placed 14th
  • Power round: Florida A placed 20th
  • Team round: Florida A placed 5th and Florida B placed 25th
Individual Awards (Division A)
  • Overall: Karthik Vedula placed 7th, Divij Lankalapalli placed 51st, and Charley Cheng placed 68th
  • Algebra: Divij Lankalapalli placed 6th
  • Geometry: Karthik Vedula placed 2nd, and Albert Wang placed 27th
  • Combinatorics: Charley Cheng placed 9th, Albert Wang placed 17th, and Aaron Hu placed 19th
2021 HMMT

Congratulations to the Florida Alligators who competed at HMMT! Here are their accomplishments:

Overall Awards

  • Overall: 8th place out of 100
  • Team Round: 8th place
  • Guts Round: 10th place
Individual Awards
  • Overall: Jessica Wan placed 9th, Vismay Sharan placed 24th, and Karthik Vedula placed 40th
  • Algebra/Number Theory: Jessica placed 9th, and Vismay placed 15th
  • Geometry: Jessica & Karthik placed 4th, and Vismay placed 28th
  • Combinatorics: Jaedon Whyte placed 23rd, and Jessica placed 33rd